“Once we learned how to configure things it’s point-and-click. It’s pretty easy and user-friendly.”


– Rick Nock; Chief Lending Officer, CommStar Credit Union

“We’ve seen a lot of efficiencies moving to the Sync1 Systems, 95% of the data rekeying is now gone.”


– Heidi Hunt; SVP Lending, Community West Credit Union

“We liked the efficiencies within the workflow that Sync1 brought for our end users.”


– Valerie Harper; AVP Lending, LGE Community Credit Union

“The main reason we went with Sync1 is we wanted the Auto Decision piece.”


– Liz Patrick; Underwriter/Commercial Analyst, CommStar Credit Union

“We were reviewing all the big players, but when we met with Sync1 we walked away being very impressed.”


– Heidi Hunt; SVP Lending, Community West Credit Union



Our Objective

“Our loan origination software is designed with a singular focus – to conform to your members’ needs…”

– Steve Maloney; CEO Sync1 Systems


Our Loan Origination Platform is designed to promote growth in lending and membership.  It utilizes the latest cloud-based infrastructure and current design principles to deliver a secure, scalable, intuitive and responsive suite of solutions. This newer architecture enables you to respond more quickly to member needs, deliver key features faster to meet member demand.


Why Us? 1 Reason.

  • 1 Mobile:  The best loan rates are now in your pocket. A Direct Loan Origination System accessed from your Credit Union smart phone application.
  • 1 Decision: Faster approvals for your members. Our proprietary decision engine is focused on efficiently delivering a logic tree that  automatically takes the loan process down the best pricing path for faster approval.
  • 1 Equity: Help your members follow their dreams. Our HELOC solution allows members to leverage their home equity for lifestyle lending.

Details Matter

Solving Your Loan Origination Needs


Odds are your Loan Origination System is slowing you down. It wasn’t designed to fit your Credit Union’s uniqueness, nor does it focus on member needs. In-branch visits are becoming a thing of the past, so relying on digital systems is becoming more important than ever. To make matters worse, your LOS was developed for banks concerned only with the rates, ignoring the member experience.


A great loan experience leads to a growth in membership. Sync1 Systems is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that understands the challenges that Credit Unions face every day. Our agile, highly configurable, cloud-based loan origination platform allows you to focus on the member experience while providing ideal rates in the shortest amount of time.


“We closed more loans in our first month with Sync 1 Systems than we did the previous quarter…”

Joan Moran, CEO
Department Of Labor FCU

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