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  • Is your Loan Origination System approving loans as fast as possible?
  • Was your Loan Origination Platform built to conform to your credit union’s needs?
  • Does your LOS Platform seamlessly integrate with your Platform?
    We have streamlined and simplified the Credit Union lending process increasing the speed from application to approval from minutes down to seconds. Our 1-Lending, Loan Origination System is the first 100% cloud-based Loan Origination Platform serving the Credit Union Community.

The CUSO Difference

Sync1 Systems is an Austin-based Fintech CUSO providing a sophisticated loan origination system, internet banking and account opening solution designed specifically for credit unions.

As a CUSO, Sync1Systems, understands the challenges that Credit Unions face every day. Our agile, highly configurable, cloud-based system allows you to focus on the member experience.

Transformative Technology for Credit Union Lending

Sync1 offers a new generation of digital banking technology, including sophisticated internet and mobile banking, loan origination and account opening solutions.

Latest Cloud-Based Infrastructure

The Sync1 Loan Origination Platform (LOS), 1 Lending, utilizes the latest cloud-based infrastructure and current design principles to deliver a secure, scalable, intuitive and responsive suite of products.

Intuitive yet innovative

Sync1 understands that technology should be both intuitive and innovative and has proven itself by delivering solutions that are engineered for maximum functionality, yet designed for ease of use.


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