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We’re an Austin, TX based CUSO, utilizing the most member-centric technology to transform and power Credit Union lending for today’s ever-changing digital landscape.  Founded by a team of credit union experts, we understand the unique needs of members. The 1Lending Loan Origination Platform exists to serve the member; we exist to serve the credit union. Understanding the credit union lending ecosystem is the main foundation of our organization.



Steve Maloney, CEO

“We kept hearing, ‘…we’re tired of the cookie-cutter, one size fits all options, where’s the LOS for credit unions?’ So we founded Sync1 Systems CUSO, then built a team to solve this problem”

Bruce Callen, CFO / CDO

“By wiping the slate clean and going deep into cloud-based infrastructure, we’ve developed the new benchmark which other Loan Origination Platforms will be measured against.”

Dan Chaney, COO

“It wasn’t enough to simply break the mold of traditional lending solutions, we destroyed it, creating our 1 Lending Platform to fit member needs and improve growth for Credit Unions.”

Committed to servicing our community of Credit Unions and their members…


Experts in the Credit Union space with decades of combined experience. 


Collaborate first, ask questions later…our team is constantly looking for ways to improve.


Designed to promote growth in lending and membership.


Steadfast in adherance to the values of Credit Unions in the interest of their members.

Sync1 Systems

Our Core Values:


We understand the challenges that Credit Unions face every day.


We want your members to love their Credit Union and keep coming back for more,

In Partnership with you

We take this to heart. We are with you for the long run we want to see your growth.

constant innovation

.We never settle for good enough; we are continually enhancing our systems.

real customer service

Over-delivered support to make the member experience 2nd to none. 


We believe in Credit Unions and support them with unmatched enthusiasm.

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Phone: +1.888.200.7801
Phone: +1.512.646.0997
Email: info@Sync1Systems.com

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