Lending Challenges

An exceptional member loan experience is the path towards membership growth. Who better to help with the member loan experience than a Loan Origination Platform built by a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) with a heightened focus on the member experience? The benefits of working with a CUSO partner that truly understands the Credit Union business model might start with an auto loan, but that great user interaction can grow your member base with word of mouth marketing, upselling of other services, increasing deposits and growing revenue.

But a bad experience can ruin that opportunity. Why risk working with a cookie cutter, one size fits all LOS, that nickel and dimes you with fees, when you can partner with a CUSO, who is as committed to your user experience as you are to the member experience?  Sync1 Systems understands the challenges you face every day. The Sync1 Systems’ 1-Lending Loan Origination built by and for credit unions is the right tool to achieve an excellent member experience.

It brings you an agile, highly configurable, cloud-based loan origination platform that allows you to focus on the member experience while providing the best rates as fast as possible, designed to promote growth on both lending and membership, using the latest cloud-based infrastructure to deliver an intuitive, scalable and secure suite of solutions, adaptable to every member’s specific needs, with key features such as:

  • A Direct Loan Origination System accessible from your Credit Union app
  • A proprietary decision engine focused on faster approval for your members
  • A streamlined Loan Application process that allows the member to apply easily from any device
  • A partner forward CUSO providing incomparable dedicated service without service fees

Not only that, but Sync1 integrates smoothly with existing systems, so you will not have to spend a big part, or any, of your budget on more software to adapt to the automatization system. And, to make sure your investment pays off, Sync1 Systems will seamlessly update the platform, so you are always on the most current version without any expense or hidden fee.

Increasing Member Satisfaction with a Mobil Optimized LOS

Nowadays everyone is busy, in a rush, full of important meetings and commitments, and no one wants to spend their very valuable time sitting in a dealership filling out paperwork or on their computer researching multiple loan options. That’s why bringing the LOS to your customers, from the comfort and security of their own computer or phone, will make the difference.

If not having to leave your house was not enough of a reason to choose a mobile lending platform in these Covid times, the fact that our decision engine takes the loan process down to the best possible pricing path, by focusing on efficiently delivering a logic tree, and hence, providing faster approval, will. Faster approvals mean happier members.

Help your members make the best decision

The 1-Lending software was designed for ease of use, which provides many benefits, aside from a great member experience. It has been shown to cut down training time by 50%. This makes it possible to eliminate the need of an admin, due to the fact it’s simple to make changes, expediting the entire process.

With an automated approval process, it’s easier than ever to determine what other loan products can be of interest to your members, and even identify if they can afford them or not, avoiding your members the hustle of turning down options they wish they could accept. All of that, while staying within industry regulations.

A CUSO LOS is Right for Your Credit Union If you want any of the following:

  • Want to provide your members a better, more comfortable, and faster loan experience, which, in itself, will improve the chances of them recommending your services to their friends and family.
  • Would like to grow your membership organically, with no added costs.
  • Wish to have the chance to give your members an easy way to leverage their home equity for lifestyle lending, from the safety of their homes, by using their phones or computers, and thus, improve your client’s approval.
  • Believe that being able to determine, in a non-intrusive way, what loan products are the best for your members’ needs and budget is the best way to provide excellent service.
  • Want to achieve all this with an easy to use, safe, and customizable tool that will not require you to purchase additional software or spend a huge number of hours training your crew.

Then Sync1 Systems’ 1-Lending Platform is for you, with our philosophy of “we work for you” and always listening to our user credit unions, you can be assured of our commitment to bring you updated solutions to the ever-changing loan scenario.

Contact us to let us know how we can help you improve your service and streamline your whole work process. Do you want to know more?

If you need more information, here’s an article on 10 Awesome Benefits of Using a CUSO Loan Origination System. Take a closer look at what our system can do for you.

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