AUSTIN, TX (April 9, 2020) — Sync1 Systems, a next-generation loan origination software provider, announced its “Credit Union 2020 Assistance Package,” which will waive all monthly transaction fees until 2021 for credit unions that sign up in this calendar year.

“Sync1 Systems is a CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization) and we’re here to help other credit unions in times of need and crisis,” said Bill Nikolauk, CEO of 1st CommunityFederal Credit Union and Board Chair of Sync1 Systems.

Sycn1 Systems’ loan origination technology is designed to help credit unions streamline loan-processing workflow, increase loan revenue, and acquire new members. It can be configured and deployed remotely for any credit union via templates, conference calls, and webinar training sessions. It’s also designed specifically to fit the unique processes of credit unions and the needs of their members.

The software’s remote implementation model is well-suited to the current situation during the COVID-19 lockdown since no travel nor on-site work is required. The system can be accessed by employees working from home via any device so credit unions can continue servicing their members during this critical time.

Mark Ziegler (CEO of Y-12FCU), Steve Webb (CEO of Neighbors FCU), and Steve Ervolino (CIO of Dupaco Community CU), fellow board members of Sync1 Systems, were instrumental in the launch of this initiative designed to support credit unions. “We want to be the technology partner for the credit union community and play a part in assisting it in the next phase of recovery.”

About Sync1 Systems, LLC
Sync1 Systems is an Austin, TX-based CUSO. It utilizes member-centric technology to promote growth in lending and membership in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. Founded by credit union experts, the team understands the unique needs of credit unions and their members, as well as the credit union lending ecosystem. To learn more about Sync1 Systems and its “Credit Union 2020 Assistance Package,” visit

Philip Canizaro

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