By now, you’ve heard about the big shakeup in the Loan Origination Platform (LOS) market. As with any major acquisition, customers are left with more questions than answers. What products will survive the merger? What employees will survive the merger? Will you be forced to move to a new system and a new team of support people? The money people are often the only winners in deals like this.

If you’re in the market for an Loan Origination Platform – or just about any other technology, for that matter – now is a good time to take note of the CUSO difference. Here are the top three reasons partnering  with a CUSO makes so much sense.

  1. Stability. Privately owned companies are subject to the whims of their owners, who in this day and age are more likely looking to cash out than establish a sustainable business. CUSOs, of course, are owned by credit unions and exist only for the benefit of credit unions.
  2. Focus. CUSO technology is created specifically for credit unions, by credit union executives who understand and serve members. This allows CUSO’s to focus on reinvesting in the technology and keep up with evolving opportunities in the specific industry.
  3. Value. As the term Credit Union Service Organization clearly states, they’re driven by a desire to serve the needs of credit unions and their members. CUSOs are leaders in financial technology because they share credit union values and best practices.

Here’s one more bonus reason to buy technology from a CUSO. It’s just better technology. CUSOs are nimble, well-funded and loaded with expertise. That all adds up to a superior product. If you haven’t considered a CUSO for your technology needs lately, it’s time you take another look.

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